Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Affordable Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

If you want to transform a room, then look up. Ceilings are often overlooked by DIY enthusiasts as a potential way to transform a room, while other home handymen (and handywomen) think that doing anything to the ceiling is too tricky and too messy. Think again: a good ceiling treatment can lift the overall look of a room, and faux tin ceiling tiles can add the wow factor while being really easy to apply.

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Faux tin ceiling tiles are ceiling tiles that look like metal but aren’t metal. Instead, faux tin ceiling tiles are made out of PVC plastic. Because PVC is a very common plastic, these ceiling tiles are a lot cheaper than the real metal tiles and have a number of other advantages. They’re lightweight, meaning that they can be put into place with minimal effort and risk, and they’re very easy to cut with everyday scissors or a craft knife no need for heavy duty tin snips. What’s more, because the ceiling tiles in our catalogue are made from new PVC, all the leftover bits after you’ve finished cutting the tiles to size to fit your ceiling are completely recyclable. From a decor point of view, faux tin ceiling tiles also have some advantages over the real things. If you need to treat a ceiling for a room or other area where noise needs to be minimized, these ceiling tiles are better than the real thing, as they cut down on the echoes that tend to bounce off real metal ceiling tiles, increasing the overall noise level. This makes these tiles a good choice for cafés, restaurants, studios and other places where acoustics are important.

One of the great things about faux tin ceiling tiles is that they are very versatile. Yes, they are very easy to put up on ceilings, but you don’t just have to put them on ceilings. You can mount faux tin ceiling tiles on walls, either as a decorative vertical strip to create a stunning feature, or as a horizontal strip running around the perimeter of a room as a stunning dado rail. Or completely cover a special area, walls and ceiling, to set it off with the glitter and sheen of metal. If you wish, you can use faux tin ceiling tiles to cover just one part of the ceiling to set off a particular feature - faux tin ceiling tiles reflect light, making them a good backdrop to lighting features such as chandeliers. Yet another idea for faux tin ceiling tiles is to choose a tile style with a more decorative motif and mount them singly at even intervals across the wall to create a pattern.

Sample Products

Da Vinci VI Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00
FAD Hand Painted Ceiling Tile Faux Tin (PVC) 24x48 Traditional Ceiling Tile $49.00
Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Modern Ceiling Tile $12.99
Steampunk II Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00
Steampunk III Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Traditional Ceiling Tile $49.00
Wrought Iron Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00
Wrought Iron II Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00
Wrought Iron IV Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00

Faux tin ceiling tiles also have their place in the creative arts. Because they are so lightweight and cheap in comparison to real tin tiles, they are often used by photographic studios to make sophisticated-looking metallic backdrops for taking portraits. They are also suitable for use in making theatrical sets where a decorative metal look is needed (palaces, metal bunkers, temples, spaceships and the like).

The range of faux tin ceiling tiles is large, and your imagination is the only limit in many cases. Alongside faux tin ceiling tiles, we also have tiles in other faux finishes, such as copper, wood and leather and we also have real tin and real copper tiles, if you feel that you need the real thing.