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To put the finishing touch on your kitchen area, bathroom or restaurant/bar, you can’t go wrong with a real metal backsplash. A real metal backsplash is easy to clean, is fireproof and looks absolutely fantastic – and they’re easier to put up than you might think. A metal backsplash can be used inside or out, and they are great for highlighting a decorative feature, as well as being features in their own right. If you can’t afford real tin, then a faux tin backsplash is just the thing you need. Made of PVC that makes them affordable, easy to install and easy to cut, faux tin backsplashes are stylish and versatile. The faux tin backsplash styles in our catalogue come in rolls rather than in tiles, making them extremely simple to install. This makes them very suitable for putting a metallic finish on interior and exterior walls. As well as being good for interior decoration and for creating photographic backdrops, you could use a faux tin backsplash roll to create a stage set or to set off a special space. The possibilities are endless!

Cros Faux Tin (PVC) Backsplash $129.00
Mini Fleur de Lis Aluminum 24x18 Victorian Backsplash $10.88
Tidal Faux Tin (PVC) 24x18 Backsplash $170.08
Antique Copper 24x18 Victorian Backsplash $50.33
Lot 93 Aluminum 24x18 Backsplash $170.80
Square 5 Faux Tin (PVC) 24x18 Backsplash $170.08
1 1/4 Pattern Faux Tin (PVC) Traditional Backsplash $129.00
Diamondback Squares Copper 24x18 Modern Backsplash $50.33
Fleur Faux Tin (PVC) 24x18 Backsplash $170.08
Rib 1 Faux Tin (PVC) 24x18 Backsplash $170.08
Soho Copper 24x18 Contemporary Backsplash $50.33
Gobi Faux Tin (PVC) 24x18 Backsplash $170.08
Acantus Leaf Copper 24x18 Victorian Backsplash $50.33
Antique Aluminum 24x18 Victorian Backsplash $10.88
Grandmas Quilt Aluminum 24x18 Traditional Backsplash $10.88
Larger Hammered Pattern Faux Tin (PVC) Traditional Backsplash $129.00
Autumn Leaves Aluminum 24x18 Traditional Backsplash $10.88
Dimensional Geometry Copper 24x18 Modern Backsplash $50.33

Number of backsplash Tiles Found: 93