Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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Sometimes, you don’t want to cover an entire ceiling with tiles – all you want is a feature to set off the lights. Or maybe you do want to decorate your ceiling with tiles but you want a central feature to tie it all together and provide a visual focus. This is where you use a tin medallion. Or use a tin medallion on a wall to provide a stunning 3-D feature where everyone can see it. The tin medallions in the Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Canadians catalogue are designed to work with all the styles of tin tiles (and faux tin tiles) in our catalogue, and can also stand alone. They are particularly good installed behind and around lighting features. The range of colours that many styles come in will amaze you – there’s something for every taste and every décor. To find more about the tin medallions, click on one you like the look of to open our partner site in a new window. Here, you can read more and place your order (and it goes without saying that our partner site ships tin medallions anywhere in Canada).

Exeter Ceiling Medallion $35.00
Crendon Ceiling Medallion $44.00
Riley Ceiling Medallion $26.00
Acanthus Delirious II Ceiling Medallion $289.00
Colton Ceiling Medallion $28.00
Bailey Ceiling Medallion $28.00
Caputo Ceiling Medallion $212.50
Melonie Ceiling Medallion $158.25
Trinity Ceiling Medallion $38.80
Fleur de Lis Medallion Tin Plated Steel 24x24 Traditional Medallion $12.93
Edinburgh Ceiling Medallion $26.00
Kirke Ceiling Medallion $104.00
Flower Ceiling Medallion $74.60
Rose Styrofoam Ceiling Medallion $204.48
Elsinore Ceiling Medallion $56.00
Richmond Ceiling Medallion $34.50
Olivia Ceiling Medallion $13.50
Palmetto Ceiling Medallion $32.00

Number of medallion Tiles Found: 432