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Put the finishing touch on a room by installing a Styrofoam crown moulding around the perimeter. Use them as a dado rail, use them as an edge around ceiling tiles as finishing touch – use them anywhere! A Styrofoam crown moulding is perfect for hiding awkward edges behind something beautiful. Styrofoam crown mouldings are very light and easy to install, and they are also simple to cut and to paint so you can customise your Styrofoam crown mouldings to suit your décor. At Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Canadians, we have a selection of styles and thicknesses available in our catalogue. Click on a style of Styrofoam crown moulding to open our partner site in a new window. At our partner site, you can read more details, learn how to install the Styrofoam crown mouldings and complete your order. Our partner site has been chosen because they make great ceiling tiles and Styrofoam crown mouldings, and because they ship anywhere in Canada, no matter how remote you live.

Emery Plinths and Bases $6.62
Classic Large Pedestal Classic Plinths and Bases $71.82
Angel Onlay Capital $50.40
Blackthorne Acanthus Leaf Molding $14.50
Hearts Copper Victorian Molding $56.93
Hurley Molding $11.00
Sydney Molding $26.00
Length Dentil Molding $45.00
Nexus Plinths and Bases $15.02
Small Swag Molding $29.50
Egg & Dart Molding $22.00
Faux Tin Cornice Faux Tin (PVC) Molding $12.99
Kinsley Molding $139.00
Coogan Molding $736.00
FAD Hand Painted Crown Molding Molding $124.99
DIY Foam Crown Molding Styrofoam Molding $19.25
Harvest Molding $38.00
Dentil Molding $41.50

Number of molding Tiles Found: 828