Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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Clafayette Copper Victorian Molding $51.15
Puffy Arches Molding $7.15
Mini Egg Copper Traditional Molding $202.75
Shanko Aluminum Molding $17.95
Victorian Copper Border Copper Victorian Molding $53.63
Roman Shield Roman Molding $7.51
Royal Lilies Aluminum Victorian Molding $21.18
Papyrus Victorian Molding $10.45
Deco Aluminum Art Deco Molding $8.26
Orléans Aluminum Molding $25.29
Beautiful Butterflies, Wide Molding $7.80
Stately Arches Copper Roman Molding $56.93
Hearts Victorian Molding $12.50
Hearts Copper Victorian Molding $56.93
Fleur Aluminum Molding $44.95
Puffed Archways Molding $8.05
Double Tulips Aluminum Molding $33.40
By the Sea Molding $19.00

Number of cornices Tiles Found: 114