Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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Bubbles Styrofoam 20x20 Modern Ceiling Tile $3.99
Domino Effect Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Modern Ceiling Tile $12.99
Faux Tin Backsplash Roll Faux Tin (PVC) Traditional Backsplash $129.00
Sydney Molding $94.00
Wakefield Molding $41.50
Crocodile Skin Pattern Faux Tin (PVC) Modern Backsplash $129.00
Loera with Rope Molding $51.00
Zephyr with Egg & Dart Molding $64.00
Alexandria Acanthus Leaf and Ribbons Molding $58.00
Brightton Molding $42.00
Aegean Seashell Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $12.99
Steampunk V Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $49.00
Egg and Dart Molding $35.00
Pr Styrofoam Molding $6.50
Bedford Molding $33.00
Iris Molding $34.00
Brightton Large Molding $62.00
Hampton Crown Molding $69.00

Number of glue up Tiles Found: 412