Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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Styrofoam Ceiling Medallion $37.35
Attica Acanthus Leaf Molding $40.00
K Styrofoam Molding $297.00
Sydney Molding $672.00
Faux Tin Ceiling Tile Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $12.99
Chesterfield Running Rope Molding $29.00
Styrofoam Molding $84.96
Egg and Dart Molding $232.00
Dentil Molding $268.80
3D Wall Panels Bamboo Pulp Wall Panel $199.00
DIY Foam Crown Molding Styrofoam Molding $17.50
Apollo Faux Tin (PVC) 24x24 Ceiling Tile $12.99
WC 70 Faux Tin Filler / Border Roll Faux Tin (PVC) Traditional Accessorie $129.00
Blackthorn Molding $36.80
GK 09 Styrofoam Molding $5.10
Spring Vineyard Faux Tin (PVC) 24x48 Traditional Ceiling Tile $12.99
Grannys Pinwheel Quilt Styrofoam 20x20 Traditional Ceiling Tile $3.99
Styrofoam Ceiling Medallion $8.04

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