Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Copper Ceiling Tiles and Aged Copper Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

Nothing adds a touch of opulence to interior décor like the look of metal. Decorative copper ceiling tiles make it possible for you to add the rich look of real copper to the décor of your office, store,

Copper is one of the loveliest metals known to humanity, and it was traditionally associated with Venus, the Greco-Roman goddess of love and beauty. Cyprus, the island from which copper takes its name, was famous for this metal as well as being the centre for the worship of this deity. Along with gold and silver, copper has been used for centuries for jewellery and for ornaments because of its warm sheen. It was possibly one of the first metals worked by humankind, and the main alloy of copper (bronze) gave its name to one of the great eras in human history. Copper is also prized for its high conductivity of both heat and electricity, making it ideal for old-fashioned pots and pans, and also for electrical cables. Copper is more subtle and sophisticated than its shinier cousins, gold and silver, having a gleam that is reminiscent of firelight rather than the super-reflective sparkle of the other precious metals.

Real solid copper has another advantage: as it ages and weathers, it develops a patina known as verdigris that has a charm all of its own. Just look at the Parliament Building in Ottawa as a great example. If you choose to install copper ceiling tiles as part of your décor, you can choose whether you want to keep the copper burnished and bright, or whether you want to let the metal age gracefully. If you really love the look of verdigris, you can pre-age the copper ceiling tiles using any ammonia-based product, such as window cleaner, so you don’t have to wait. It’s best to pre-age the copper ceiling tiles before installation.

Sample Products

All That Jazz Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Antoinette Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Babys Breath Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Butterfly Meadow Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Carnivale Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
County Cork Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Cris Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00
Cubism Copper Ceiling Tile $59.00

Because copper is so ductile and easy to work, it is very easy to turn this metal into beautiful tiles, and we have a very large range of styles available – over 200 styles to choose from. We are also able to create customized styles if you’ve got an idea in mind but can’t quite find it in our catalogue.

Where can you use Solid copper ceiling tiles? The short answer is that you can use them anywhere imaginable. And you don’t just have to use them to cover the entire ceiling. Use copper ceiling tiles to create a decorative strip in the middle of a ceiling to provide a backdrop to a lighting feature, or create a feature wall with copper ceiling tiles. Copper is often used on old-fashioned pots and pans, so if you have a café or restaurant that features these in the décor, copper ceiling tiles will set them off and extend the theme.

Copper has also quite literally been the colour of money, so a wall featuring copper ceiling tiles will create an instant impression on clients visiting your business but without the vulgar ostentation that gold would have – or the price tag.

There’s no denying that copper ceiling tiles are definitely at the high end of decorative ceiling tiles. If you love the look of copper ceiling tiles but can’t afford tiles made of the real metal, we suggest that faux copper ceiling tiles will give you the looks without the price (but slightly less of a gleam than the real thing and they won’t develop verdigris). Made of PVC, these faux copper ceiling tiles add an expensive look without the expensive price. Another alternative for you could be the “polished copper” tiles, which are actually made of aluminium finished to look like genuine copper.

Please take your time to browse our catalogue of real solid copper ceiling tiles, faux copper ceiling tiles and polished copper ceiling tiles to find the design that suits your look.

Have a look at our partner’s range of copper ceiling tiles and get your creative juices flowing.