Decorative Ceiling Tiles

How to Give a Room a New Look

with Decorative Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

If your home looks a little tired and shabby, it’s time to give your interior decoration a makeover. Many people go to a lot of effort applying (or changing) wallpaper or soft furnishings, but all too often, the ceiling gets overlooked.

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You may not be conscious of it, but you look at the ceiling of your house more than you think you do. A shabby ceiling that’s all cobwebs and peeling paint gives a bad impression, even if you’re not completely conscious of what is giving that impression. Or maybe you are aware of how much your ceiling is in need of a makeover if you’ve had to spend a bit of time on your back in bed with a minor illness, the only way to look is up and you really get to see how bad the ceiling is. Decorative ceiling tiles are an easy way of raising the overall tone of a room, and don’t create the potential mess and hassle of painting a ceiling.

Decorative ceiling tiles are not a new feature. Traditionally, moldings with floral motifs were used in dining rooms and conference rooms, a practice that gave rise to the phrase “sub rosa”, literally meaning “under the rose” and used to indicate that what was said in confidence in that room beneath that molding, which was usually placed centrally over the dining table or conference table, was kept secret and not spread elsewhere a wise precaution if the wine had been flowing freely and loosened tongues. Decorative ceiling tiles with floral motifs can be used to reproduce this classical look. You can place a single tile, or a group of tiles, centrally as a feature, or you can cover the entire ceiling with these tiles.

Any textured decorative ceiling tiles will add to the overall atmosphere of a room in more ways than just enhancing the visual beauty of your ceiling. Any decorative ceiling tile with texture will affect the acoustics of a room, making it less echo-y and noisy, which makes the room cozier and more pleasant.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Ships To Canada
Of course, not all decorative ceiling tiles are plain white. Some are made to look like metal, adding warmth to a room. If you have a ceiling that is very high and which creates a cool, outdoor atmosphere, then adding colored decorative ceiling tiles creates the illusion that the ceiling is lower. These faux metal ceiling tiles also allow you to have the opulent look of metal without the hazards, the expense and the chill.

Even the white decorative ceiling tiles don’t have to stay white. As they are made of a material that is easily painted, you can enhance the patterns and textures embossed on the tiles with color, allowing you to express your inner Michelangelo without spending several years hanging upside-down (you paint the decorative ceiling tiles before you glue them up).

The final way that decorative ceiling tiles change the overall atmosphere of a room is that they can literally make a room warmer, as they provide an extra layer of insulation in the part of the house that needs it most. Of course, plain ceiling tiles will do this job just as well, but it’s human nature to add decoration!

Decorative ceiling tiles don’t just have to be confined to the ceiling. They can be used on walls, either singly to create a feature of interest, or to cover a whole wall. They can be used as a border trim around the circumference of a room. Why not use the tiles to create a textured strip to break up a long, featureless expanse in a corridor or hallway? Or why not enhance the view of the outdoors by giving the picture window a frame? When it comes to placing decorative ceiling tiles, the only limit is your imagination.

Decorative ceiling tiles are much easier to install than wallpaper no fiddling around making sure that the motifs join up perfectly and involve much less mess than painting, with all the inevitable splatters and spills. And because the tiles are put up one by one, the job of installing them can be spread over several weekends, if needed, allowing you to have more time to live in your rooms rather than spending all your time decorating.

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