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By Kevin Elliott

Leather has to be one of the most popular materials for decoration in history. Most people love the look of leather, whether it’s sophisticated black or warm, earthy brown. It would be lovely to be able to put leather all around our homes top to bottom, but this is impossible with the real thing. This is why we have hunted for the best faux leather tiles in the market and have collected them into one easily browsed catalogue for your convenience.

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Where can you put faux leather tiles? Just about anywhere is the short answer. The most popular place for installing faux leather tiles is as a feature wall, especially the more textured tiles. Textured faux leather tiles give the look of plush, padded leather, similar to what you see on a lounge suite. This gives an opulent, luxurious look to any wall in an office, restaurant or home without an opulent price! There’s no limit to where you can put faux leather tiles, and they’re especially popular for creating photographic backgrounds.

There are a number of advantages of installing faux leather tiles. Because they are faux rather than the real thing, they offer great soundproofing, insulation and fireproofing thanks to their clever triple-layer construction from PVC and polyurethane. When these properties are taken in conjunction with the great looks, which can be sophisticated or earthy, you can see why faux leather tiles are popular options for decorating cafés and pubs, especially those with a biking or Western theme. And unlike the real thing, faux leather tiles don’t get damaged by water or spills and are easy to clean – a real must for anywhere that liquids are present.

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One thing we like to stress about our partners faux leather tiles, apart from their ease of installation and their low cost, is that they have great soundproofing properties. The textured 3D design of the faux leather tiles, as well as the materials used in their construction, absorbs echoes, cutting down on excess noise. This makes faux leather tiles a great choice for places where people mingle and talk, and anywhere else you want to cut down the noise a bit – the bedroom, the den and the basement are often places we want a bit of soundproofing. Faux leather tiles can give you the soundproofing you need while enhancing the looks of the room. Don’t mess about trying to soundproof the den where you practice music with eggboxes or anything like that - faux leather tiles look so much better and are even easier to install on walls and ceilings – even floors if you want to!

Our partner’s range of faux leather tiles comes in a range of stunning colours, including several tones of brown, black and white. The white faux leather tiles are especially good in a bedroom for creating a luxurious boudoir look, especially if you already have a leather or leather-look headboard, as our most popular type of white faux leather tiles looks exactly like padded leather – they’d also make a great choice for a beauty parlour or salon. Black faux leather tiles are by far the most popular – we all know how sexy and sophisticated black leather is – but the brown tiles are also popular sellers as well.