Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Affordable Kitchen Makeovers

With Decorative Ceiling Tiles and Tin Backsplashes

By Kevin Elliott

For many people, the kitchen is the real heart of the home the place where it all happens. Not only do we do a lot of cooking and eating in there, we also (depending on our home design) do our entertaining there, while the kitchen table is a traditional place for kids to do their homework. It makes sense, then, to spruce up the look of your kitchen if you’re thinking about renovating. It’s easy and affordable to transform the overall atmosphere in your kitchen using tin tiles.

One of the real advantages of using tin ceiling tiles to make over your kitchen is that you can still keep using the kitchen, as applying the tiles doesn’t require the mess and fuss that is involved with re-papering or re-painting. Real tin tiles have a few other advantages: because they are made of real metal, they are easy to clean it’s pretty hard to stain metal and they also maximize light and heat in your kitchen, as they are reflective. For ceilings, you can use faux tin and other decorative Styrofoam ceiling tiles, which will have an insulating effect and will cost even less. Don’t use faux tin tiles for backsplashes, though it doesn’t work.

The most obvious way of using decorative tin ceiling tiles (and other real metal ceiling tiles such as copper and aluminum) is to cover the ceiling with them. If your kitchen is quite dark, this makes a good choice of makeover, as a completely “tinned” ceiling will make the most of the light, and create the visual illusion of more space in your room. However, completely covering the ceiling with tin tiles isn’t your only option. You can create a feature on your kitchen ceiling say, to set off lighting fixtures, or as a feature in itself on an otherwise bland ceiling by applying the decorative ceiling tiles to just a portion of the ceiling in the centre. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can experiment with using a mixture of motifs or with the two-tone effect of copper and tin combined.

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If you’re using the Styrofoam decorative ceiling tiles, you can create an old-fashioned “rose” motif in the middle of the room or centered over the dining area. This is a very old tradition: it used to be held that whatever was said “under the rose” had to be kept confidential between those who had been dining together; this is the origin of the phrase sub rosa. Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be kept white, whether you like plain tiles, geometric designs or floral motifs, or they can be tinted with water-based paints. Styrofoam ceiling tiles have a practical bonus: they cut down on echoes as we all know, the kitchen can be a very noisy place thanks to people and appliances, so reducing the noise has to be a plus.

Tin backsplashes are another way of making over a kitchen that is both practical and beautiful. You can use complete metal backsplash sheets, or you can use decorative tin tiles to customize the size and look of the backsplash. Backsplashes protect your walls from the inevitable spills and splatters that happen in the kitchen, and when they are installed behind an oven, they also reflect heat back from the walls and onto where it needs to go. Any of the decorative metal tiles tin, copper or aluminum are suitable for creating a backsplash around any or all of your kitchen work areas, and you can take your time choosing the look that suits you best. No matter what sort of metal tile you choose for making a backsplash, or whether you prefer the convenience of a tin backsplash sheet, you’ll find that backsplashes are a breeze to clean.

Don’t forget the walls when you’re planning your kitchen makeover. Decorative ceiling tiles aren’t just for ceilings! You can apply a strip of ceiling tiles around the perimeter of the kitchen for a border effect, break up a large expanse of dull wall with a strip of tiles or create a decorative “communication center” in the kitchen where notices, pictures and to-do lists can be pinned (choose Styrofoam tiles for this latter purpose). One of the beauties of using ceiling tiles for decorating kitchen walls is that if some little darling decides to add their own decoration with permanent marker, it’s simple to replace just the tiles that have been “adorned” without the nuisance of matching motifs and patterns that is involved with replacing a section of wallpaper.

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