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Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

You don’t spend a lot of time looking at it, but your ceiling affects the whole tone of your interior decor. A dark ceiling makes a room appear smaller and cosier, while a light-coloured ceiling creates an impression of spaciousness and height. And a grotty, chipped or cracked ceiling makes the whole space appear unkempt. One quick way of transforming your room and that includes offices is by using nail-up ceiling tiles.

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Nail-up ceiling tiles are a cost-effective and easy way of altering the look of your ceiling that anyone can install. Basically, a nail-up ceiling tile is a square of aluminum, tin or copper, usually about two feet by two feet that can be nailed into place on your ceiling. While some cutting and gluing may be required, depending on the size of your room, installing nail-up ceiling tiles is a lot easier to do than wallpapering a ceiling and doesn’t involve the inevitable splashes involved with painting a ceiling. Nail-up ceiling tiles can also be arranged around features on your ceiling that would be impossibly fiddly, such as lighting features or decorative wooden beams.

To apply nail-up ceiling tiles, you need to start by choosing the right sort of tile. This can be the longest part of the job, though it’s certainly the most fun. The range of nail-up ceiling tiles available is massive, and you can choose plain ones for a simple, minimalistic look, or you can go for something fancier. You can also choose real metal nail-up ceiling tiles (tin or copper) for an opulent look that reflects light back into the room. Or strike a balance between the two with faux metal nail-up ceiling tiles. Over 200 designs are available and over 75 finishes, so take your time to choose your nail-up ceiling tiles in many ways, your imagination is the only limit!

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After you have selected your design of nail-up ceiling tiles, you will need to calculate the amount of tiles you will need. Most tiles are two feet by two feet, but some nail-up ceiling tiles measure 20 inches by 20 inches, so take the size of tile into account when doing the math. Measure the area of your ceiling and use this figure to work out how many tiles you need. For example, if your ceiling area is 12 feet by 10 feet, you will need 30 2x2 tiles. If your ceiling area doesn’t work out to an even number of tiles, round it up to the nearest amount. Murphy’s Law applies everywhere, so it usually is wise to order a few extra tiles just in case. You can always use the extra bits for craft activities - nail-up ceiling tiles can be used in a range of creative ways.

When it comes to applying the nail-up ceiling tiles, you will need a stepladder handy. Start by finding the centre of your ceiling, which can be done by running two strings from corner to corner diagonally to make an X. Where the two strings cross is the centre mark this with a pencil. Next, mark the halfway point at the edge of each side of the ceiling and divide your ceiling into quadrants. Then, starting at the centre, begin to apply the tiles, using nails for tin or copper. First, you will apply four tiles in a square in the middle, one in each quadrant. Then you’ll make a square around the border of this first square and so on, working out to the edges. When you get to the edges, you will probably need to cut the tiles to fit exactly. You will also need to cut the tiles to fit around ventilation, lights and skylights.

Finally, seal the gaps (if any some nail-up ceiling tiles designs overlap very neatly) between the nail-up ceiling tiles with clear silicone caulk, wiping off excess before it dries and hardens.

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