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Affordable Photography Backdrop

Ceiling Tiles Are A Great Option For Affordable Photography Backdrops!

By Kevin Elliott

Professional photographers always use a backdrop when taking portrait photos to reduce clutter and to make the subject of the portrait really stand out. The simplest photography backdrop is a plain white sheet, but whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, you can create a much better look with much more atmosphere by using ceiling tiles.

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Nobody said that you’re only allowed to use ceiling tiles on the ceiling. You can glue ceiling tiles onto any flat surface. Ceiling tiles can be glued onto two sheets of 4x8 plywood, paneling or the like (get these from your local hardware or DIY store), and these can be moved into place to make photography backdrops. Any room can become a photographic studio with a portable backdrop, and if you’re a professional photographer, you can have a number of suitable backdrops at a very affordable price.

One of the real beauties of these photography backdrops is that you can create a range of different styles very easily. For example, simple white ceiling tiles with a geometric pattern can be used to make a backdrop that is formal yet uncluttered. Faux metal ceiling tiles or pearlescent ceiling tiles can be used to make a more glamorous backdrop, while wood-look ceiling tiles create an atmosphere that’s more rustic and cozy. White ceiling tiles can be painted before being applied to the backdrop, meaning that the color of the backdrop is limited only by your imagination, and a photographer can easily select a backdrop color that will enhance the natural coloring of the portrait subject. Pastels, for example, are suitable for baby portraits, while a deep, rich color (e.g. burgundy) can be used for a more sophisticated atmosphere, such as graduation photos. Sometimes, the subject of the portrait will have some ideas about the “look” they want in the photo, and a backdrop can be selected as appropriate.

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Because you can make these photographic backdrops yourself using easily obtained materials, you can equip a studio with a range of backdrops with the minimum of financial outlay. This is a real bonus for those who are just starting up as professional portrait photographers – and for established professionals who want to keep their expenses down while providing the best service.

To make a portable photography backdrop, begin by taping the 4x8 sheets together to make them into a single 8x8 panel. If you want to paint the ceiling tiles, use water based paints and let them dry before gluing them. Use a contact cement such as Liquid Nails™ to glue the tiles in place on the backdrop – the glue goes onto the back of the tile, and you press it into place, working along the edges of the backdrop and making sure that each tile is pressed up as close as possible to the ones already laid.

Allow the glue to dry before standing the backdrop upright and using in a portrait. To store a backdrop made from ceiling tiles, stand them upright against a wall or in a deep cupboard or wardrobe dedicated for storage. If you have a number of these backdrops, use a label on the side or the back (where it won’t be seen in the photo) to find the backdrop you need in a hurry.

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Decorative Ceiling Tiles - Affordable Photography Backdrop