Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Affordable Restaurant & Pub Makeovers

with Decorative Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

Whether you want a new look for your business, or whether you’ve just bought the business and want some new décor to go with the new management, you’ll find that decorative ceiling tiles are a cost-effective way of completely transforming a dining area or games room in any pub, café or restaurant.

It’s easy to install decorative ceiling tiles, whether you prefer real metal ceiling tiles (tin, copper or aluminum) or whether you want the less costly Styrofoam ceiling tiles. Both types of tile look stunning and can be used to achieve any sort of look.

What looks can you achieve for your pub, restaurant or café with decorative ceiling tiles? Ultimately, the possibilities are endless and your imagination is the only limit. However, to get your imagination started, here are a few ideas:

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Classical elegance: Use white Styrofoam ceiling tiles in a geometric pattern or a more classic medallion design. The entire ceiling can be covered with the tiles, or just a section of the ceiling. The possibilities for partially covering a ceiling with decorative tiles include a large central pattern, or a set of smaller designs around lighting features. If you like the idea of using a central pattern, the design or style can be echoed by placing matching designs (or part of the design) in the corners.

Intimate and cozy: Deep, dark colors create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. This can be done by using faux antique copper, faux wood or any of the other faux metal ceiling tiles. Alternatively, paint white Styrofoam ceiling tiles using water-based paints. If you want to create a sense of privacy in nooks and corners that “feel” like a room, the walls in the corners can be covered with decorative tiles, setting that corner apart from the rest of the interior. And if you want to increase the actual warmth in the dining areas as well as the visual warmth, then Styrofoam ceiling tiles give a measure of insulation in the place that a room is most likely to lose it.

Western or rustic: Faux wood tiles are the key here, and they can be used not just on the ceiling but also all over the walls, giving the look of a log cabin. If the building area already has some striking wooden features such as beams, then set the beams off by using a more subtle pattern on the tiles. Tin and faux tin tiles often make an excellent finish behind darker wooden beams that draws the eye upwards.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Ships To Canada
Opulent and stylish: Faux silver and real tin tiles are the top choice for this sort of look. Few ceiling finishes set off lighting features such as chandeliers like metallic ceiling tiles. Don’t forget the walls, as these can be given a touch of sophistication and class – the tiles can be used to create a border, or can be used to create a panel-like strip as a feature in itself. For a more glittering effect, real metal tiles have the maximum reflection, but a more subtle sophisticated appearance can be achieved with faux silver or faux wood.

Fun and vibrant: Styrofoam ceiling tiles can be painted with water-based paints, and you can transform a bar or café by using colored tiles on walls or ceilings. And just imagine what you could do with a combination of brightly painted decorative tiles and metallic tiles (intense cobalt blue with real tin; black, red and white with antique silver for a more Gothic effect; lime green and faux copper…).

Decorative ceiling tiles can also be used to overcome problems that may be created by the existing architecture of a business in a number of ways:

Overall atmosphere too dark: Use real tin decorative ceiling tiles or other real metal tiles, as these reflect the light. Don’t just use them on the ceiling – cover strategic sections of the wall with metal tiles to maximize the light in the room.

Ceiling too high: Deeper colors will create the optical illusion of a lower ceiling.

Ceiling too low: Create the impression of more space with pale colors, white or real metal.

Too many echoes: Highly textured Styrofoam ceiling tiles deaden echoes by absorbing and scattering the sound waves, which can work wonders for improving the atmosphere in a restaurant or pub. If echoes are only a slight problem, then just covering the ceiling with the decorative Styrofoam tiles may fix the problem. If echoes are quite noticeable, then take a tip from recording studios, and cover the walls as well.

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