Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Tin Filler Online Catalog

Tin filler is used to transition between ceiling tiles and a cornice or moulding, but it can also be used as a decorative touch in its own right. Anywhere you can put a ceiling tile, you can put a tin filler around the tile to finish it off. Cut the tin filler to size easily with tin snips and nail it into place in a jiffy! Some styles of tin filler in the Decorative Ceiling Tiles for Canadians catalogue are designed to work with particular styles of ceiling tile and cornice (in tin, of course). This is perfect if you want a pulled-together look for your living room, reception area or meeting room. However, if you like the look of a particular style of tin filler, why not use it as you please with any style of tile you like? Find out more about the tin filler styles and see the cornices and tiles that some styles are designed to work with by clicking on the thumbnail or product name. This will open a new window for our partner site, where you can read all the details and place your order for tin filler and other products. All products from our partner site are great quality and our partner’s ship to Canada – we wouldn’t have partnered with them otherwise.

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