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By Kevin Elliott

Styrofoam ceiling tiles are a very easy way to completely transform the look of your room. You may not think that you look at your ceiling much, but you do, especially in bedrooms. A well-presented ceiling can lift the overall tone of the room, adding a touch of classical elegance without the high price tag associated with traditional plaster moldings or the hassle of putting these moldings up without shattering them. And one real bonus of using Styrofoam ceiling tiles is that they provide extra insulation in your ceiling, making your home more heat efficient.

When you want to make over your ceiling using Styrofoam ceiling tiles, you need to start by choosing the overall look you want and consider the proportions of the room. While your imagination and your tastes should be the ultimate guide, these ideas might be able to start you off:

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High ceiling: Use darker colors to create the optical illusion of a lower ceiling and make the room appear cozier. Faux wood would be a good choice here. Alternatively, start with white Styrofoam tiles and use water-based paints to paint them in a color that blends with your furnishings (don’t go too dark think rich jewel and forest tones rather than black)

Low ceiling: Use white Styrofoam ceiling tiles to create the impression of more space. Tiles with a faux metallic sheen will help reflect light back down into the room, creating the impression of a more spacious interior.

Classical dining elegance: Choose a medallion design to create a central motif or design, possibly echoed by a similar pattern in each corner. The rest of the ceiling can be covered with plain Styrofoam tiles or left “as is”.

Understated formal: A simple geometric motif applied to the entire ceiling is classy but uncluttered.

Rumpus room: Any ceiling tiles with plenty of texture will prevent echoes, thus making these family areas less noisy and we all know how noisy they can get! Choose a fun motif abstract or floral and add color to a few for a fun effect.

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Pretty and feminine: Use a floral motif and add a few touches of color in delicate shades such as turquoise, pale yellow, lavender, light gray, apple green, sky blue and candy pink. Don’t overdo the color keep it to light touches on key features of the motif.

Rustic: Faux wood is cozy and has the right look for a country-style cottage or cabin. If you love the look of wooden interiors, you can use the ceiling tiles on the walls as well as on the ceiling to create a “log cabin” or Scandinavian-style interior.

Wooden beams: Wooden beams are often a feature of a ceiling, so choose a motif that won’t clash or compete with them. Faux wood seems like an obvious choice, but metallic-look ceiling tiles create a dramatic backdrop to beams with darker stain finishes. Simple textures and geometric patterns make another choice.

Chandeliers and lighting features: Highlight a lighting feature with a strip or central motif around the lighting feature. More modern-looking features would be best set off by a rectangle of Styrofoam ceiling tiles with a geometric motif, while a more antique-style feature would be best complemented by a medallion motif in a diamond, lozenge or “snowflake” pattern.

Those who like more of a challenge for a very striking effect to enliven an otherwise bland area could look to traditional quilt patterns for inspiration for layouts and the use of tinted tiles to create a pattern possibly a project for redecorating a community centre or a business interior.

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