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Styrofoam Crown Molding

By Kevin Elliott

Sometimes, you just want your ceiling nice and plain – it’s what suits your look best. But you’re not sure what to do about that line where the ceiling meets the wall. This can be one of the trickiest things when it comes to doing your own decoration or renovation, as it’s so easy to get tiny streaks of paint in the wrong place or to have the wallpaper strips being a couple of millimetres out. And it’s at the tops and bottoms that wallpaper is most likely to start peeling, which looks plain ugly.

Finshed 21 DCT Styrofoam Crown Molding Project
This is where Styrofoam crown molding comes in. These are designed to run around the edge of the ceiling and/or wall, covering up any awkward or unsightly edges and adding a visually pleasing border. Even if you have managed to do a very neat job with the paint and/or wallpaper, you might find Styrofoam crown molding is for you, as these are a simple way of adding a subtle touch of classical style to a room, especially if you choose one of the carved styles of Styrofoam crown molding in our catalogue. These carved Styrofoam crown moldings look like something out of the more elegant periods of history.

If you have used decorative ceiling tiles anywhere in your décor, Styrofoam crown molding makes a good way of finishing it off. Pick a plain Styrofoam crown molding design to set off the fancier styles of decorative ceiling tiles, or complement plain styles of tile with a more ornate Styrofoam crown molding design. Or keep to simple styles for both for a Minimalist look.

Sample Products

Styrofoam Crown Molding Styrofoam Molding $16.75
Styrofoam Crown Molding Styrofoam Molding $67.00
Touch Up Paint 1.OZ / A La Maison Ceilings / DIY Crown Moldings Molding $10.00

Although Styrofoam crown molding looks impressive, it’s ridiculously easy to install – they glue up thanks to their Styrofoam construction and because they’re so light, they can be installed by just one person. Water and damp doesn’t affect Styrofoam crown molding, and they’re a breeze to clean as well. The Styrofoam is also relatively easy to cut, which is a real bonus (each piece of Styrofoam crown molding is 6.5 feet long, so you probably are going to have to make a few cuts here and there depending on how long and wide your room is).

Most Styrofoam crown molding comes in basic white. White is the most popular colour for ceilings, as having a light colour overhead makes a room seem more open and allows the maximum amount of light to be reflected down into the room where you want it. And it makes sense to have the Styrofoam crown molding matching the rest of the ceiling. However, you might want to make a real feature of the Styrofoam crown molding by adding some colour. All of the styles of Styrofoam crown molding are paintable, meaning that you can add colour as you wish. Do you want sophisticated black all over, or do you want to pick out small elements in a carved Styrofoam crown molding design with your favourites? You can really let your imagination go when it comes to painting Styrofoam crown molding. Just remember that it’s easiest if you paint the Styrofoam crown molding and let the paint dry properly before installing it on your ceiling.

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