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By Kevin Elliott

If you’re looking for something just a bit special in your interior decor, then try putting up suspended ceiling tiles (drop in ceiling tiles). The effect is simply jaw-dropping!

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What are suspended ceiling tiles? If you are familiar with standard ceiling tiles, you already know more or less what they are like, except that suspended drop ceiling tiles aren’t flat: they take things to another dimension, with texture and depth being the key. Think of suspended ceiling tiles as sculpture for your roof.

Of course, suspended ceiling tiles aren’t just about looks and you’ve got to admit that the effect of suspended drop ceiling tiles is certainly impressive. Because of the three-dimensional nature of the tiles, they help to cut down on echoes within a room, as the raised surfaces scatter sound waves and even partially absorb them. This makes suspended ceiling tiles (drop in ceiling tiles) particularly desirable for indoor spaces where cutting down on noise is needed (e.g. in libraries, restaurants and bars) or where acoustics need to be controlled (recording studios, school music rooms).

Where can you use suspended ceiling tiles? Nearly anywhere you like, is the short answer. These tiles are particularly appropriate for setting atmosphere in cafés and clubs, and they are also great for houses of worship, as they can capture some of the magnificence of the old cathedrals of Europe without requiring a dedicated team of talented stonemasons and several decades (a team of volunteers could fit out the inside of an average church building with suspended ceiling tiles in a weekend).

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And you don’t have to confine suspended ceiling tiles to the ceiling. You can apply them to walls as well, either as a decorative panel or over an entire wall. The same applies to ceilings you can create different effects by applying suspended ceiling tiles to just one area of the ceiling to set off a feature (e.g. applying tin suspended ceiling tiles around a chandelier to reflect the light and draw the eye to this feature). You can even apply them outdoors to porch roofs or on the walls around a patio area.

A very wide range of suspended ceiling tiles are available, and often, your imagination and your tastes are the only limiting feature. Many people find the real metal suspended ceiling tiles, which are available in tin and copper, to be ideal for their situation. Real metal suspended drop ceiling tiles have excellent reflective properties and are very easy to clean something to be kept in mind if you wish to apply suspended ceiling tiles to walls in areas that are likely to get splashed or splattered. However, others prefer foam suspended ceiling tiles for the insulating and sound-proofing properties or for their lighter weight. And if you want lightweight suspended drop ceiling tiles but also want a bit of reflection, then you can choose faux metal tiles, giving you the best of both worlds.

When it comes to the design of suspended ceiling tiles, the range is enormous. Whether you prefer the more minimal look of basic geometric squares, the elegant simplicity of a simple moulding on a spacious background, or whether you want something more ornate, you can find the suspended ceiling tiles you need. You can even find some with fun sculptures, such as dogs, cupids or ivy. Take your time to browse the catalogue of suspended ceiling tiles you’ve got a lot of designs and finishes to choose from!

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