Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Tin Ceiling Tiles

By Kevin Elliott

When it comes to giving a room a makeover, many people take a look at the wallpaper, the curtains and the carpet, but what about the ceiling? You may not take much conscious notice of the ceiling, but you look at it more than you think, and what the ceiling is like can affect the entire atmosphere of the room. If you’re looking for an innovative and easy way to transform the look of a room, have you even considered tin ceiling tiles?

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Tin ceiling tiles are an easy way to put a real touch of luxury into your room, and it can also make your home more efficient. Tin is a metal that has a reflective surface, which means that it can reflect heat and light back into your room. You can make the most of this property of tin ceiling tiles by using them on the walls: they can reflect and spread light around an otherwise dark room similar to how a mirror does but without filling the room with reflections of yourself. Tin ceiling tiles aren’t the only type of decorative ceiling tiles that can be used: aluminum and solid copper tiles are also an option, each of which has its own distinctive look – copper, for example, puts a warm glow into a room. You can use tin and copper together to create a checkerboard effect or to create a pattern (traditional quilting patterns are great sources of inspiration for the two-tone possibilities of combined tin and copper). And if you love the look of decorative tin ceiling tiles but don’t have the budget for real ones, you can still get faux tin ceiling tiles.

Sample Products

Antoinette Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $10.72
Antoinette Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $17.50
Bourbon Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $17.50
Bourbon Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $10.72
Clover Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $10.72
Clover Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $17.50
County Cork Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $10.72
County Cork Tin Plated Steel Ceiling Tile $17.50

How can you use tin ceiling tiles (and all the other types of ceiling tiles)? The classic way is to cover the entire ceiling with them. However, you can also use tin ceiling tiles on part of the ceiling to highlight a particular feature – for example, you can install a strip, square or diamond of tin ceiling tiles around a chandelier, drawing the eye to this lighting feature and adding a whole lot more “sparkle”. Or try using individual tin ceiling tiles in corners, either alone or to echo a central block of tin ceiling tiles. Even a little bit of tin goes a long way to brightening a room!

You can also try using decorative tin ceiling tiles on the walls. Placing them around the perimeter of a room as a border trim or architrave is one of the more obvious ways of using tiles, but you can also place them in a single strip down one wall to highlight a lighting (or other) feature, or as a feature in its own right it’s a great way of breaking up a large area of blank space or creating interest in an otherwise dull room. Even single tiles, especially the ones with more ornate patterns, can make a great feature and really “dress up” a room.

Don’t forget about the outdoors when thinking about how you can use decorative tin ceiling tiles when renovating and redecorating. If you like to entertain on a deck or patio, tin ceiling tiles can be used under the eaves of the house to add interest or to reflect light. When used outdoors, copper ceiling tiles tend to get a patina of verdigris that can be left on to achieve an antique-style look if desired. Tin, aluminum and copper ceiling tiles can handle the outdoors very well, allowing you to integrate the outdoor living areas of your home with the indoor areas, especially if you use the tiles indoors and out.

The range of decorative tin ceiling tiles (and aluminum, copper and faux metal tiles) is quite extensive and you are bound to find something that suits your taste and budget and something that is bound to stimulate your imagination!